About License Freezing:

Sometimes your business needs to take a break and in such instances, you can freeze a trade license for upto 3 years. Find out how to freeze your UAE mainland license.

If you are in the UAE and you plan to temporarily stop your business, the best option would be to freeze the business license. Business licenses can be frozen for upto a period of three years, by paying a freezing fee. In the case of sole establishments registered in DED, freezing is allowed for a period of one year.

A company cannot carry on with any of its operations, once the license is frozen as it is illegal. But the owner of a frozen license or a shareholder can start a new business by applying for a new license under his name.

  • Issue a letter on the corporate letterhead requesting to freeze the license temporarily. The letter should contain details on the reasons and justifications behind the decision.
  • Cancel all employment visas.
  • Obtain a confirmation letter from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation mentioning that there are no sponsored people on the license. The letter must also confirm that labour restrictions are not imposed on the license.
  • In the case of DED, the freezing fee of AED 2,000 per year along with AED 210 per each due month since license expiry date must be paid after application. A report from the inspection division in DED must also be submitted.

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How Decisive Zone can help you freeze your trade license

Our team of dedicated, experienced PROs help you throughout the license freezing process by assisting with the application, fee payment and liaising with governmental entities.

Commercial License

A Commercial License is required in the UAE for businesses involved in trading and supplying of goods such as:

  • Mobile phones & accessories trading
  • Building material, cleaning and safety equipment trading
  • Oil & gas, chemicals trading
  • Automobiles, spare parts trading
  • Gold & precious metals trading

Industrial License

An Industrial license is required in the UAE for manufacturing or other types of industrial activities such as:

  • Garments, uniforms manufacturing
  • Meat, dairy products manufacturing
  • Animal & birds feed manufacturing, fishing net making
  • Pastry & sweets manufacturing, mineral water bottling
  • Fabrics & textiles embroidery, carpets manufacturing

Professional License

A Professional License is required in the UAE for individuals or business groups that deliver expertise as a service to the public such as:

  • Computer, IT infrastructure consultancies
  • Insurance, tax, legal consultancies
  • Marketing consultancies, public relations management
  • Auditing & accounting
  • Waste management & recycling consultancy

Process for mainland license

  1. Choose business activity
  2. Choose company structure
  3. Get trade name approval
  4. Get initial license approval
  5. Get external approval (if required)
  6. License issuance
  7. Open company bank account
  8. Get establishment card
  9. Labour file
  10. Process visa

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