About Delivery Service License:

Online food ordering has gained popularity as an increasing number of food outlets are signing up to list their menus on multiple platforms in order to cater to the growing market demand.

Delivery services have made everyone’s lives much easier and people are using delivery services more than ever before.

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Key steps to get your delivery license in the UAE:

Choose Jurisdiction

There are two jurisdictions you can choose to establish your business – Mainland and over 50 Free Zones. Both offer different benefits based on the business type and activity.

Select Legal Structure and Trade Name

After choosing the right jurisdiction, we will guide you on how to set a legal structure and trade name for your UAE based delivery service business.

License Application

Once the paperwork for a delivery service license is started, our dedicated business setup expert will expedite your business license approval.

Cost for delivery service license

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UAE delivery service business: potential customers

  • Online stores: almost all UAE online stores tie up with outsource their services and prefer working with local delivery service firms.
  • Cafes and restaurants: this is one of the major segments. Almost all catering services offer delivery services to their customers by outsources their delivery agents.
  • Flower shops: many flower shops trade through social networks and offer third-party delivery services.
  • Corporations: most companies in the UAE need couriers to deliver various documents. There is a booming delivery service called “courier rental” which means not only can the staff deliver documents but also perform additional tasks like wait in a line at the tax office, pick up/drop goods, etc.

General requirements

  • Sponsor’s passport with residence visa and Emirates ID
  • Dependents’ passport copies
  • Dependents’ passport-size photo
  • Attested marriage certificate (MOFA, country attestation, Arabic translation)

Minimum salary requirements:

  • For male expatriates: AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation.
  • For female expatriates: AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation.
  • The minimum monthly salary to sponsor parents and parents-in-law is AED 20,000.

Proof of relationship and dependency:

  • Marriage certificate (attested & translated copy).
  • Birth certificate for children (attested & translated copy).
  • With a non-objection certificate from the biological parent for stepchildren.
  • With legal adoption papers for adopted children.
  • Sponsor’s birth certificate for parents.
  • Additional documents to show proof of parents’ dependency may be required.

A sponsor may also apply for dependent visas for parents-in-law by submitting a marriage certificate and the spouse’s birth certificate. In this way, a connection between the sponsor and the parents-in-law can be established.

Proof of domicile:

The sponsor must be able to show that the dependent will have a decent place to stay while residing in the UAE, that the domicile will have enough rooms for the number of dependents, and that the domicile actually has active utilities.

  • Tenancy contract or title deed.
  • At least 1 bedroom for immediate family – spouse and children.
  • At least 2 bedrooms for extended family – parents or parents-in-law.
  • Recent utility bills (DEWA, SEWA, ADDC, etc.)

In addition to this, family members over 18 years of age have to pass the medical fitness test from a health centre approved by the UAE government.