Top 10 apps for entrepreneurs

If you are interested in a company setup in Dubai, you should get up to date with the latest technology available to run your company. These days, mobile apps have hit the entrepreneurial landscape by storm, offering easy access to resources, automation of routine tasks, on-the-go convenience, among many other benefits.

While many mobile apps are popular with entrepreneurs worldwide, some have recently launched in the UAE that are specific to the needs of businesses set up in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

While many mobile apps are popular with entrepreneurs worldwide, some have recently launched in the UAE that are specific to the needs of businesses set up in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Below is a list of apps that entrepreneurs in the UAE will find helpful in 2020:

  1. Business in Dubai

The Business in Dubai app is vitally important for entrepreneurs who have started a business in Dubai. Introduced by the Department of Economic Development, the app offers business owners access to various e-services, including trade name reservation, initial license approval, amendments to licenses and their renewal. It also provides a list of licensed businesses set up in Dubai free zones and the Dubai mainland, allowing you to identify potential business opportunities and trading partners.

  1. Abu Dhabi Business Center

Like Business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Business Center app supports entrepreneurs with all the requirements of setting up a business in Abu Dhabi. Features include the aforementioned e-services and a local business listing.

  1. Eureeca

Eureeca is a Dubai-based crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas and/or expansion plans to investors. The process is simple: upload your business proposal and its estimated cost on the website or app, and interested investors will pledge funds for your project. For startups in Dubai, the app offers an extremely accessible channel for acquiring funding.

  1. Dubai REST

Dubai REST (or Dubai Real Estate Self Transaction) was introduced by the Dubai Land department to serve as a one-stop solution for owners and tenants’ real-estate activities. Through the digital platform, entrepreneurs can buy, sell and rent office spaces, conduct property valuations and create contracts all on the app itself. Entrepreneurs who have just started a business in Dubai will find it especially useful, as it eliminates the hassle of visiting government offices for real estate-related paperwork.

  1. Wave

Wave is a highly popular app for preparing and sending invoices while on the move. Using this app, entrepreneurs can create invoices customised for each client, while tracking their income and expenses, as well as send payment reminders and receive payment receipts.

  1. HelloSign

Signing documents by hand is a thing of the past, as HelloSign allows you to trace your signature with your finger on PDF documents. The app saves you from the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning a document to send it back.

  1. Inventory Tracker

Inventory Tracker makes it easy for business owners to track their inventory, shipments and sales and generate yearly, monthly, weekly and daily reports. The app generates reports in the form of spreadsheets, which can be easily shared.

  1. TSheets

Business owners can automate their staff management processes with TSheets, which tracks employee schedules, automates timesheets, and even integrates with accounting software for payroll purposes.

  1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a highly intuitive app that makes accounting accessible, even to the non-expert. The app gives entrepreneurs quick and easy access to their financials anytime and anywhere. Bonus features such as time-tracking and data capture from receipt photos add to their appeal.

  1. Wunderlist

For making notes and to-do lists on the go and sharing it across teams, Wunderlist has been a popular productivity app for years.

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