Benefits of outsourcing your PRO work in the UAE

Obtaining the necessary permits required to register a business in the UAE requires in-depth knowledge of specific processes, documentation, and procedures. Completing the requirements to start a business in the UAE means that the work must be conducted correctly, accurately, and in a timely manner so that you can launch your new business setup in UAE as soon as possible. Not following procedures correctly, even to the best of your knowledge, can lead to unexpected delays and even hefty fines.

PROs are public relations officers, also known as government liaison officers, who coordinate with governmental agencies to help companies secure their business licenses in UAE. A PRO services organisation looks after all the government-related processes for businesses when they are applying for a business license in UAE. Whilst a company can opt to apply for government permits itself, it’s a good idea to consider outsourcing PRO work, as this can save a business both time and money.

UAE-based business owners interested in outsourcing PRO work can appoint a PRO company to undertake every step of the process, from filling and completing applications, to submitting all specialised documents. A company’s PROs can liaise and coordinate with ministries and help procure documents related to most legal permits, including:

  • Visas, including investor, staff, and family sponsorships
  • DED company setup Dubai
  • Business setup in UAE free zones
  • No objection certificates
  • Permit renewals


Advantages of outsourcing PRO works

Familiarity with Ministries and Processes

A PRO services company in Dubai will know how to register a business in UAE. That includes being familiar with the requirements of the Department of Economic Development and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation – some of the main government agencies involved in licensing. Their requirements can be extensive at times, as well as a challenge to navigate. By outsourcing PRO work, you’ll have experts who know the licensing system handling the application process for you so that you can fully concentrate on planning how to run your business.

Bulk Work and Timeliness

When opening a business in UAE, let a company that specialises in processing legal documentation handle your licensing needs.

A PRO services company manages a large number of licensing applications daily, which means its staff have lots of practice. Outsourcing PRO work by trusting your licensing application to an agency gives you access to their best practices because they process a large volume of applications accurately, which means businesses receive their licenses efficiently and on time.

Knowledgeable Resource

It’s also a great idea to have a PRO services agency as a resource for any unusual or special licensing needs. Given their familiarity with ministry processes and requirements, they are best able to guide you accurately so that your company’s business needs are met, whilst adhering to governmental regulations. Outsourcing to a PRO services agency in a consulting role can ensure that you are best advised on how to meet specific industry-related needs.

Get in touch with a Decisive Zone expert about how to start up a business in the UAE and learn more about why outsourcing your PRO work might be the right solution for your company.